Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gratuitous violence, Jesus, more gratuitous violence

The Last Battle is actually pretty awesome. I was not expecting that.

Right away, a unicorn kills someone with its horn - something that there is just not enough of in fantasy novels. I mean, it's a horse with a horn. It should be killing folks, right? Later, the unicorn wants to go on a dwarf-killing rampage, and talks about skewering 10 of them at a time on its horn, which would have made a fantastic cover-illustration. The king commands him not to, which is too bad. The dwarfs have it coming, considering they are all off on the sidelines shouting racial slurs (yes really, racial slurs. The "D" word. Which starts with "Dark". And ends with "ie").

There's a lot of religious stuff, which feels extremely forced. But whatever, as long as there are kill-crazy unicorns wanting to stake racist dwarfs, it's totally worth it to be occasionally told "all of this has something to do with God."

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