Saturday, February 21, 2009

The first sentence is not actually a question.

I really like Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I somehow got the idea in my head that Philip K Dick's writing would be dense and inaccessible. Not true. In fact, I find there are lots of times and places in which it may be inappropriate to read a book - on the job, while driving, while walking, when someone is talking to me, when I am visiting family, when I have a sinus headache so awful that my eyes hurt - in which I want to read the book, appropriateness-be-damned.

This is a good discovery, because at times I've worried that reading 149 novels would feel a lot like doing homework. I hope this is the trend, and that many of them are very enjoyable and few or none of them remind me of book reports.

Guilty admission, which may seriously damage my geek cred; I found the movie Blade Runner kind of boring near the end. So far, the book is much more interesting. I am sure some ritual hazing will occur at the next DragonCon once word of this gets out. Probably I'll be dragged out into the Marriott lobby and a crowd of gamers will pelt 20-sided dice at me.

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