Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fight Club started

Fight Club: A NovelWhat a misleading post title. No, I have not started a fight club, but I did pick the book Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk up from the library today.

I've seen the movie, of course, and I'm very opinionated about it. I actually like the movie, which makes this one of the few things I like and am also opinionated about. I just don't think a person should develop a philosophy about anti-consumerism based on a film in which consumerism is fought with death and destruction. Especially when it's a studio-backed Hollywood film. Especially when there are official licensed t-shirts for the film. Especially when you can get a two-disc collector's edition DVD of the film.

Hey, don't get me wrong. I love two disc collector's editions. I'm a geek; I am the collector of which they speak. I just think there's a lot of irony in the people who are against excess loving a movie that has produced quite a lot of excess. What would Tyler Durden have to say about all this?

Also, it's a satire. A dark comedy. Not to be taken seriously. All of the blowing things up was the clue there, in case you were wondering. Blowing things up was purely for comic effect. This model was not intended for actual use.

So I'm eager to see how I feel about this book, because I have not even begun to get opinionated about the film, but I want to save it all up for the final review. A friend of mine opined that you should see the movie first when you can because if you read the book first, you won't enjoy the movie as much. Probably a good point. It worked for her and Watchmen, anyway (speaking of excessive multi-disc special editions which I am opinionated about).

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