Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mort started; new library

After feeling joyless all last week, I decided a comedy was a good idea, so I'm continuing Terry Pratchett's Discworld series with Mort. So far, so funny.

After getting rejected from the library one county over, I visited my local Shelby county library and got a card for this system - free, of course, because I actually live in this county.

On the positive side, it's much closer to my home than the Jefferson county branch I was visiting.

On the negative, it is smaller than my high school's library. Seriously. And my high school kind of sucked.

I've also checked the collection in Shelby county against my reading list, and side by side with the Jefferson county catalog. Results: I'll be getting a paid membership to the Jefferson county library. Seriously, it will be worth it to avoid buying all these books (which isn't just me being cheap, by the way; I'm running out of book storage space), and I'll have to buy fewer of them if I can use Jefferson.

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